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userAeonex.ca Is building a network that has the capacity to operate at data rates never before offered to the general public at reasonable prices. In fact, we like to think of our speeds as similar to fiber at costs comparable to cable and DSL. The Network (“The Nex”) uses wireless technologies to achieve data rates at as much as 100 Mbps at proven distances of 6 kilometers and in the future much more. Aeonex plans to build a North America wide network covering most populated areas.. Stay tuned.

What we do.

Aeonex’s Nex network delivers it’s services to the business and home.

Our services accomodate virtually any need and especially urban and rural areas that are underserved. In whichever category you fall into above you will receive internet access at speeds similar to fibre and a price similar to cable and DSL.

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Aeonex – Ultra Broadband Wireless Internet Provider

  • user_white Currently Serving the greater Ottawa area
  • speech_white Tel. 613-762-5563
  • mail_white E-mail: support@aeonex.ca

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