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Nex – Residential

homeYou deserve the best access to your online world. It all starts here. However you spend your time online, the awesome speed of the Nex network puts everything that Cyberspace has to offer at your fingertips. No waiting. No throttling. No hassles. Get on the Nex!


Nex – Business

carAeonex offers a variety of Internet connectivity solutions tailored to your business needs. We specialize in high-capacity, low-latency, reliable access featuring optical fibre and ultra-broadband wireless technologies. Ask yourself why you’re with the same old provider. Ask yourself why you’re paying so much money for your business Internet. You have an alternative. That’s why we’re here.

About Us

userAeonex offers exceptional quality, affordable Internet connectivity to businesses and homes via our high-capacity backbone network – The Nex. We built our first network in Ottawa, Canada and plans are underway to offer our products in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other cities across Canada in the very near future. Stay tuned.


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Aeonex – Ultra Broadband Wireless Internet Provider

  • user_white Currently Serving the greater Ottawa area
  • speech_white Tel. 613-762-5563
  • mail_white E-mail: support@aeonex.ca

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